You’re getting to the point where you are about to list your home. Congratulations! It’s such a huge decision, so let’s hash out a few things that you should focus on in order to get the most “bang for your buck!”

1) Find your most vocal relative, friend, or neighbor to walk through your home with you and point out any items that stand out to them. Tell them to be your harshest critic and that no feelings are hurt! This will provide some quick feedback on what potential buyers would think/feel if they walked through your home today.

2) Make sure that you de-clutter your home(this means removing personal items as well!). This is something that will make your home seem larger, cleaner, and help prospective buyers feel at liberty to envision their own items in the home.

3) Clean, clean, and clean some more. De-cluttering and cleaning are two very different things. Having a dirty space when someone walks through your home can be off-putting.

4) Add some finishing touches like new throw pillows, flowers, etc… so that it looks inviting when people are visiting your home.

Although these are just a handful of things to do when getting ready to list your home, this will provide a great start!


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